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Safety first

Breathwork can be a valuable and healing experience for both body and mind. Safety is of utmost importance in this process. Therefore, we want to emphasize that breathwork should never be performed in or near water.


During intensive breathing sessions symptoms such as dizziness, disorientation or, in rare cases, loss of consciousness can occur. In water there's a risk of drowning, even in shallow water or under supervision.

Breathwork can also lead to various physical sensations and emotional release. Hence, it's crucial to always perform breathwork in a safe and calm environment. Make sure you are somewhere you can focus all your attention on your own well-being, without distractions or dangers.

If you participate in breathwork under the guidance of a professional, inquire about their experience. Moreover, it's always advisable to seek medical advice beforehand if you have concerns about your health. For example in cases of severe or recent cardiovascular diseases, severe asthma, epilepsy, or if you are pregnant.


Although we breathe thoughtlessly and effortlessly from birth until death, breathwork must be done carefully and safely to experience its healing and positive power!

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