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Our Philosophy

BaseQamp is a philosophy based on the notion that you can influence your state of being. Safety is a prerequisite in this process. The programs offered by BaseQamp provide this safety as a foundation. We also utilize ancient wisdom and knowledge shared by various cultures and traditions worldwide. Here, Heart Power is the guiding essence and form is secondary. BaseQamp is open to all forms and makes use of all knowledge of West, East, past and present.

Our goal is to help you remember, develop and grow in your own Heart Power and

self-awareness. Every person is born with immense potential and a powerful self-
healing ability. BaseQamp taps into this and gives it space to bring physical, mental,
and spiritual balance.

Our approach is based on the principle that the heart leads while the mind follows in service. BaseQamp works with the connection between the four powers in our body: head power, heart power, belly power, and physical awareness. The aim is to make these powers work together with the heart as the leading force, thereby increasing self-awareness, emotional awareness, and life energy.

The techniques we use include breathwork, cold exposure and the power of sharing experiences in a group (tribe). In this way we guide people toward more resilience, insight, growth, and awareness.

A start state, no end state...


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